Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New PB

Managed a new PB of 48.73 at the SDMA Hillclimb on the 21st of October. Mostly due to the weapon grade motor on loan from JW of Reliance - a 13B PP. That motor is a monster! JW and I enjoyed throwing the RX7 around the track, but more grip is required.

Of course JW was faster with a best of 48.24.

The most surprising thing was how effective the Racing Beat exhaust was - the PP was probably no noisier than my Bridgeport with the old exhaust system - but the note was so much deeper and less tinny. And before the anoraks comment - yes, I ordered the system with extractors for a standard 13B for my engine, but the PP was fitted with RB extractors for a PP that JW had.

Some in car footage from my fastest run.

So much fun!

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