Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chainsaw on display

The Chainsaw (rally car my wife navigates in) on its way to being on display in town today for a couple of hours as part of the lead up to the Trussme National Capital Rally.


In Garema Court

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Post racing slump

In post race slump mode at the moment. Ran in the local hillclimb on Sunday, had a blast but seemed to be a bit off the pace. Managed a best of 49.94 (pb is 49.75).

Got beaten in my class by an AE86 and a KE25 both running turbo 4AGEs - and both good drivers.

Good vid of Joe's best run in the AE86 on YouTube.

Next meet (last of the year) is 20th November - hopefully the new front adj struts and adj lower control arms are in by then - might get rid of the pesky understeer through the top hairpin.