Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More slow progress

Got a little bit more done on the Spitfire last night. Have one side of the front suspension painted and reassembled (except for shock/spring unit) - other side is painted and partially assembled.

Pretty much over having parts all over the house (as is my rather long suffering wife) so it really is time to get it back together or sell it.

New PB

Managed a new PB of 48.73 at the SDMA Hillclimb on the 21st of October. Mostly due to the weapon grade motor on loan from JW of Reliance - a 13B PP. That motor is a monster! JW and I enjoyed throwing the RX7 around the track, but more grip is required.

Of course JW was faster with a best of 48.24.

The most surprising thing was how effective the Racing Beat exhaust was - the PP was probably no noisier than my Bridgeport with the old exhaust system - but the note was so much deeper and less tinny. And before the anoraks comment - yes, I ordered the system with extractors for a standard 13B for my engine, but the PP was fitted with RB extractors for a PP that JW had.

Some in car footage from my fastest run.

So much fun!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A bit of bling

A Racing Beat Street Port Exhaust system. Posted from the USA on a Saturday, arrived in Canberra on the Wednesday. Big thanks to JW at Reliance for organising. Great way to quieten down a noisy engine - or allow a noisier one?