Wednesday, May 26, 2010

...and more "Speaking of Reliance"...

I now have a harness installed and a button clutch installed courtesy of Reliance. All second hand bits (thanks to Buzz for harness and Jon for clutch) but very much in keeping with the nature of the car/build. The RX7 is looking and feeling more like a race car all the time. I'll try to take some photos on the weekend - hillclimb on Sunday as long as it doesn't pour with rain (which is forecast)...

Speaking of Reliance Rotary...

...a couple of mentions of Reliance Rotary and a Reliance built car (Steve Crowe is the man responsible for getting me addicted to hillclimbing) on the Mazda Motorsport website.

Amazing what you find when you do a bit of trawling.

I'll finish off with a picture of another Reliance prepared car - Barry Faux's Series 1 RX7, one of my favorites.

New Reliance Rotary website launched

I've been working on this project for a little while. Last year my wife started navigating for Jon Waterhouse in local rallies. Jon owns & runs the local (Canberra, Australia) rotary and motorsport specialist workshop Reliance Automotive Services (also known as Reliance Rotary). Had nothing to do with the fact I'd just started racing an RX7 but I certainly didn't complain.

Anyway Jon has done a fair bit of work on my car and in return I decided to take on revamping his website - a bit of a hard task in that Jon is a workaholic and would rather get you racing than sit down to plan out a website. I've managed to get a quick placeholder page up and I'm in the process of fleshing it out into a full site.

The revamped website is at Watch this space as I'm well into Phase 2.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I so want some old skool JDM rims

Would love a set of Hayashi streets for the RX7 - teamed with Datsun ZG flares. Loving this 240Z (S30):

But this is still my favorite Z - dunno why, but just love the rat look.

Only rims I have for the RX7 at the moment are all more modern in style (availability & price) - have some 14x6 Triumph Stag mags that fit so may clean them up and paint them matt black. But I'm keeping an eye out for old skool JDM goodness, even in pairs.