Friday, April 30, 2010

Mazda Motorsport doing well at Targa

Well, Mazda Motorsport are doing exceptionally well at Targa Tasmania - fantastic to see a RWD rotary serving it up to the turbo 4WDs. Not that I have any interest in rotaries or anything. Go Glenney & Webb as well as Reeves & Smyth (owning a Mazda 3 SP23 have some affinity for the 3 MPS).

Some good merchandise in the Mazda Aus shop. Want some of these stickers for my car:

NFI in Mazda etc. Just a fan and race a Mazda, own 2 Mazdas and have a wife who is a navigator in a RX7 S4 Turbo dirt rally car run by the owner of a local rotary specialist (who is servicing at Targa Tas hence the interest) - so you could say I like them.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Local Triumph Club

Thought I'd throw up a link to the website I did for my local (Canberra, Australia) Triumph Club - the Triumph Car Club of the ACT. I unfortunately don't get to many meetings because of the kids, but they're a good bunch and I highly recommend that if you live in Canberra or the surrounds and you have a Triumph Car you get along to a meeting - every Third Monday of the Month (Except December), at 7.30 pm Canberra Deakin Football Club, Grose Street, Deakin.

What is Team Aardvark?

I hillclimb a Series 1 RX7 with the local club ( - too much fun.

So why Team Aardvark? Kids names start with T and A, was trying to come up with a racing logo (for car and shirts) that incorporated their names. Have always joked with the kids about aardvarks (eg: if they ask where I've been I say I've been walking the aardvark) - dunno why aardvarks (guess because it's just a funny sounding name) but it's become a running joke. So Team Aardvark sprung to mind. Always had a soft spot for skull and cross bones (I'm just a bogan at heart) and quite like a lot of the japanese drift logos so sat down and sketched the logo one day. Played with it a fair bit and have a few combinations. I have one version that is on the car now.

And I've made a stencil - tested it on the workshop door

Joining the hordes

Figured it was about time I set up a blog. I was going to build it into my website ( but I decided I like the blogspot idea and I can always use a feed on my site once I get around to updating it.

We'll see if I keep this as up to date as my website...