Friday, July 29, 2011

6mm JDM Valve stem - shouldn't be hard to find...

Recently bought a pair of Rays Fins - need a bit of a refurb but price was OK and I do like Fins. Only prob was that one was missing it's valve stem. No problem, I'll just buy one of the intawebz I thought. Hmm, OK, this is harder than I thought. The threaded section that bolts into the rim is 6mm in diameter. Standard is 11.3 and 8mm is relatively common for motorbikes - but 6mm is pretty much JDM rims, and 6mm with a long tube (approx 40mm long from rim face) and a slight kink (45 degrees?) is even harder. Just putting this up here so I can point some WTB ads on forums to this and the pic below.

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