Thursday, July 28, 2016


After getting all inspired I have decided it is time to start working on my workshop. But to start with, some pictures of what I started with.

The view in the door - looking at the very deep cupboards that stuff gets lost in.

The workbench my Father-in-law built for me - nice and sturdy and has been great, but too low for me.

The bit of pegboard, the carpet on the floor, the busted doors and the general mess. What would need to change...

This will end up with some custom shelving, as well as my sons tool cabinet going underneath.

Behind all this is the one solid brick wall in the workshop so the welding table will go over there.

A little progress. Workshop cleared out - and carpet gone.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Interesting GT6 Build

Just stumbled across this build on the GRM forum - no idea why I hadn't seen it sooner. Must need to spend even more time on the Interwebz...

Curmudgeon's GT6 build

Friday, May 30, 2014

Finally cracked the 47s

With the next hillclimb coming up this Sunday I realised I haven't mentioned on here that I finally cracked into the 47s at the last hillclimb with a 47.74 - and didn't ping the sound meter. Ended up with 4th Outright for the day - beaten by an Evo, a STI and a mostly stock FT86 (great driver in a good car). Stoked as really wanted a 47 before the PP comes out - Sunday's event should be it's last unless JW remains as busy as he's been.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Host

Back up and running with a new host - Apexhost. Have had enough of Generalhosting and their constant inability to provide a functioning service and their appalling customer service. Have removed previous posts whinging about them - no point cluttering up the website. Will take a little while to get the site back in shape and redeploy the old content to the new environment - but should be much better running on SQL 2012 as opposed to Access... At least now my email should work and the site won't be disappearing every other day...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No interest from Sony?

I have to admit that I've been a little surprised that I haven't been approached by Sony to see about the purchase of the domain - to tie in with the release of Gran Turismo 6. Ah well, they know where I am.

Plenty of approaches from dodgy brothers offering (in very broken English) to purchase it for peanuts. Nah.

Sony I would - GT6 has Bathurst on it. Almost tempted to buy a Playstation & GT6 just to have a run there. Could be good practice for when I finally make it to one of the Bathurst Hillclimbs...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Catch up...

Been a while since I posted anything on here. The Team Aardvark RX7 is now running a Reliance Automotive Services prepared 13B PP - and this is the real deal with MFR housings etc. Unfortunately only a loaner until Jon finds a new home for it, but I am definitely enjoying it while I can. Phenomonal engine!

The PP plus the purchase of some second hand soft compound 205/50R15 DZ03Gs (thanks to Bruce Power) have combined to give me a new PB of 48.08 at the last event of 2012. So close to a 47! Still chasing the class record of 47.56 - so still a bit of work to do.

Having experimented with some medium compound 225/50R15 A050s on the rear of the car (thanks to Bernie Wilson) I think a move to the same tyres in soft compound may just get me there... Need a sponsor!

Last hillclimb was the first event of this year, held last Sunday. There was a fair bit of rain during the day, but at least 2 "dry" runs - the last of which netted me a best time of 48.24, enough to give me first in class and 5th outright (looped the car on the other...whoops!) and I can claim that I beat a Nissan R35 GTR on the day. :)

Some photos from the event taken by Tyrie Starrs are here.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Selling old exhaust system

Putting these photos up here to help sell my old exhaust system that is now surplus to requirements due to Racing Beat System.